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Developing Thinking Skills

Here is an absolutely superb set of resources provided by Rose at our Science Network Meeting. These resources are based on Thinker’s Keys, originally developed by Tony Ryan.  These Resource Packs for KS3 and KS4 have been produced by Anne Pilling, Peter Robinson, Fran Killian, Jean Egerton, and Dawn Jones.

They promote the development of innovative and creative thinking. There are 20 different ‘keys’ which promote thinking out of the box. To find out more about these Keys, and how they can be used…download the presentation!  Every topic is covered at KS3.  The Keys can be used in the classroom in a whole variety of applications ……

Presentation:  thinkers-keys-presentation-hos.ppt

The Thinker Keys Display  thinker-keys-display.doc

The Thinker Key (Master) thinkers-key-master.doc

The Thinker Keys (KS4)  ks4-thinking-keys.