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Using Visualisers: YouTube Videos

What is a Visualiser ?

Put simply, it is a ‘camera  on a stick’ !

The output from the ‘stick’ can be connected to a projector and/or a computer.


How can a Visualiser be used ?

In a basic mode it can be used to display the page of a book on your screen, or any other two or three dimensional object. This enables users to display objects, documents, pictures to the whole class.  In more advanced usage it can capture and save/store images and videos, and imported into documents if required.  It can be used to zooming right in on an object to provide a more detailed examination.  It is a great way of sharing work with the class. It is quick and easy to use. Just place the object under the camera for it to be presented on the screen.  A visualiser means that everyone can see what is being displayed, without the need to crowd around the teacher’s desk.

2. Introductory Videos

What’s Included? (CP300)

Get Started : Hooking up your AverVision Visualiser

Introductory Produce demo for AverVision Visualiser

Capturing and Downloading Images

How to connect your visualiser

 Key Features of a visualiser 

3. How would YOU use a Visualiser?

How would you use a Visualiser? 

Case Studies

Specific Uses:
Formative Assessment
Connecting to a Microscope
Saving Images and Videos