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Carbon Footprint Projects

Want to get involved? …The resources are available…

Carbon Footprint Project (UK)

Google Provides Resources for teaching…and learning.. about your Carbon Footprint and how to reduce it…

“Working with teachers, Google has developed lesson plans to help integrate this project into the curriculum. In addition to this particular activity, the lesson plans explore the topic of climate change more broadly, with ideas for how to use Google tools such as Google Earth, Google Maps and Search to bring the subject to life.”

Other Projects Online

Carbon Detectives

Calculate your school’s carbon footprint and find out what you can do to reduce your carbon emissions. The Carbon Detectives’ Kit is designed to be used by teams of pupils led by an adult facilitator. ‘Detectives’ will be asked to carry out a series of assignments focusing on different aspects of school life.

Carbon Control

Inc ludes an online curriculum-based carbon footprint calculator. For students 7-14

We Are What We Do

A national competition to find the next generation of simple, world changing actions. We Are What We Do is asking every 7-18 year old in England “what would you ask one million people to do to change the world?”

Carbon Game

Schools across Europe participate in a real-time carbon trading game. This is designed to show that we can tackle climate change and maintain our quality of life.