Interactive Simulations : Physics

Posted On Aug 12 2017 by

The University of Colorado has a superb collection of interactive physics simulations, at Here is one example:    

GCSE Revision Quiz : Waves

Posted On Jan 11 2016 by

The latest revision quiz, developed for GCSE students of Physics is now available:

New Revision Quiz (Electrical Circuits)

Posted On Dec 30 2015 by

Here is a new multiple choice revision exercise for A-level physics students

New Scigallery now open

Posted On Sep 23 2015 by

  The latest science gallery is now open . Images for science teachers and students…

100 tools for teaching and learning

Posted On Feb 11 2014 by

Here is a good compilation of 100 tools for teaching and learning. The list was based on the results of  the votes of more than  50 learning professionals from 48 countries worldwide.