Online Revision : Science A (Physics)

The first FIVE activities are now o­nline for students Physics Topics (Focus on Heat Transfer and Renewable Energy) Heat Transfer (Cloze Test) Heat Transfer (Crossword) Heat Transfer  ( The Vacuum Flask:  Multiple Choice) Renewable Energy (Cloze) Electromagnetic Waves (Drag and Drop) More to follow¦..

KS4 Schemes of Work (13.1- 13.7)

Bobcat  (Sonoran Desert Museum:Tucson) (Photo: M. Overy) twelvepoint1.doc     electricaldevices01.doc

Schemes of Work (11.1-11.8)

Here are the North Chadderton Schemes of Work for AQA A (for revision) 11.1  11.2  11.3  11.4   11.5  11.6    11.7   11.8   11.3 and 4 resources   US Airways Flight  (Photo: M Overy)

Sample KS4 Item

This is a sample message for KS4.  Just choose the KS4 category when sending your message…….. Sample upload given below (Efficiency lesson) efficiency-lesson1.doc