Swine Flu: Resources and Updates

Posted On Apr 30 2009 by

I have placed a Newsfeed from the World Health Organisation (WHO) on our www.webschool.org.uk website Here are some useful other resources about Swine Flu….. 1. Questions and Answers about Swine Flu BBC  :  Q and A about Swine Flu Swine Flu and You  (CDC) UK Gov :  Everything you need to know… 2. Need to keep up to date with the latest developments? Times Online Updates Google News Updates MSNBC Updates

Science in the News!

Posted On Oct 1 2008 by

Looking to bring the latest Science News and useful Podcasts into the classroom? Our latest development saves you time searching! A whole set of science Newsfeeds has bee provided for you at www.planetscience.org/news . Updated everyday……to keep you informed about the latest developments…. Go to www.planetscience.org/news

Quiz/Test Resources for Teachers

Posted On Aug 29 2008 by

Looking for Quiz/Test software for teaching? Here are some useful resources…. Here is a list of useful software for teaching and learning

Core Lesson Outlines

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core-outlines.zip Please find attached TW

Interactive Science : 24/7

Posted On Jul 11 2008 by

If you have access to wireless connection/laptop/interactive whiteboard….here is an excellent resource area for you….for both KS3 and KS4! Just hook up your laptop + wireless connection and your interactive whiteboard….and yoiu have (almost) instant lessons…..and interesting,engaging ones …..!!  Can also be accessed at home…by students and teachers. http://kent.skoool.co.uk/index.aspx KS3 Science http://kent.skoool.co.uk/keystage3.aspx?id=80 KS4 Science http://kent.skoool.co.uk/keystage4.aspx?id=314