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Posted On Jan 31 2014 by  is my own portal for science students and teachers. It brings articles and other resources for students and teachers following 21st Century Science.

Intelligent Design v Evolution?

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Science Education, Intelligent Design and Creationism Is there a place for Intelligent Design in a school Science Curriculum? The teaching of evolution is well embedded in the science curriculum in the UK.

YouTube Videos for Education

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  YouTube Education  provides a large collection of videos for teachers and students 

Free Multimedia Resources for Teaching and Learning

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Here is a an excellent  review of free multimedia resources for use by teachers and students

NextVista library of free videos for education

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Next Vista  NextVista provides an an excellent collection of free videos for teachers and students. These free videos for learners are made by students or teachers around the world. Here is an online community willing to share educational videos . All  videos are screened for  inappropriate and inaccurate content.