21st Century Learners

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Are YOU  ready for the paradigm shift ?

What can Visualisers do for me…and my classes?

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Think about a digital camera linked to your electronic  whiteboard. You now have the ability to examine  and display text, images, objects  and even living things. Ditch your overhead projector, this is the kid on the block. Now connect it to your  PC using the visualiser software, you now extend the range of uses and applications.  You can now display  slow motion events, time-lapse events. Capture, store and review any object, including 3D objects.  Use the split-screen operation and display mirrored images. You can also display negative images and generate and store  videocasts. Need to find out more? Using Visualiser …

Cool Applications for Schools

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Don’t know what is out there? Here is a great compilation of  exciting applications/tools for using in schools…. Cool Tools for Schools

Edudemic.com keeps you updated

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  Edudemic is a  superb resource  to keep you up to date with the latest ideas, developments and to provide inspiration for using technology to enrich and enhance teaching and learning: http://edudemic.com/ About Edudemic: “Social media is making a big impact on education. The threading of new technology with old standards has created new and exciting opportunities for teachers, school administrators, and students. What is the best way to improve education using social media? That’s the big question that Edudemic hopes to answer. You’ll find regular doses of helpful ideas, infographics, news, videos, and more when you visit Edudemic. Do you ever …

Using Tablets in Schools

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A quick list of articles/resources related to use of tablets in schools The use of  tablets in education 6 reasons why tablets are ready for the classroom IPad in Schools Tablets in Schools