Welcome to the NEW KS4 Science Blog!

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This is the NEW KS4 Science Blog for Teachers.

Core Lesson Outlines

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core-outlines.zip Please find attached TW

Interactive Science : 24/7

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If you have access to wireless connection/laptop/interactive whiteboard….here is an¬†excellent resource area for you….for both KS3 and KS4! Just hook up your laptop + wireless connection and your interactive whiteboard….and yoiu have (almost) instant lessons…..and interesting,engaging ones …..!!¬† Can also be accessed at home…by students and teachers. http://kent.skoool.co.uk/index.aspx KS3 Science http://kent.skoool.co.uk/keystage3.aspx?id=80 KS4 Science http://kent.skoool.co.uk/keystage4.aspx?id=314