Chrismas Hits on YouTube

These should all be accessible…. UNLESS you try to use the school’s internet, where YouTube has been banned (How sad…) !! Mariah Carey-All I Want For Christmas Is You Wham – Last Christmas Band Aid   Do they know its Christmas? John Lennon and Yoko   Happy Christmas U2  –   It’s Christmas Bing Crosby – White Christmas…

Investigating Wind-Powered Generators

 Year 10 Students investigate the operation of wind-powered generators, as part of their GCSE Science course. Environmental, economic, social, and cultural aspects are considered….  More images are located on our Image Gallery       More images are located on our Image Gallery

Generating Electricity using Wind Power

Students in Year 10 focus o­n a real environmental and energy issue. Using a model turbine, they measure the output voltage as a function of distance (related to wind speed) from the wind source. The wind source is provided by a hair dryer… More images are located o­n our Image Gallery