Forensics: Use of databases

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The following document provides links to a range of databases that can be used in forensic science. This might be useful in preparation of background material for lessons  or case studies…  databasesforensics.doc Martyn

Biology B1: Starters/Plenaries or whatever…

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Here is a number of quick starters/plenaries, or whatever you need to use them for (AfL) The following resources cover the Sections B1a1 – B1a1.5 and B1a2 – B1a2.3 as indicated in AQA Science Revision Guide (Nelson Thornes) Complete Zip Packages  (B1a1 and B1a2)…includes web versions and Hot Potatoes versions. They can be installed on any computer. Hot Potatoes is NOT required if you install the web version (htm files) Web versions (online) can be accessed here… b1crossword.htm controllingconditionsmatch.htm corrdinationmatch.htm menstrualcyclematch.htm reflexactionmatch.htm b1a2crossword.htm b1a2healthyeatingcloze.htm b1a2weightproblemscloze.htm  Martyn….

Gifted and Talented Projects: Applied

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Here is a list of projects that your Gifted and Talented students can become immersed in…. (more details to be provided at start of term) There is now a complete set of projects for Year 10 and Year 11, for all courses.  giftedadditionalappliedfinal2.doc Martyn

Nik’s Schemes of Work

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Nik’s schemes of work will be uploaded to shortly. If you cannot wait….here they are ….on the Blog.  ADDITIONAL APPLIED  (1-5 LESSONS) applied-science-food-nutrients-6.doc applied-science-food-nutrients-7.doc Any more schemes of work…..keep me busy!!!

Holiday reading…and a time for reflection….

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Three essential reads for Summer 2007. Two interactive books, and one lifebook…to be completed!