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Images Galleries? Need free images for education? Bobcat (Arizona Sonora Desert Museum) (mjovery)

KS4 Schemes of Work (13.1- 13.7)

Bobcat  (Sonoran Desert Museum:Tucson) (Photo: M. Overy) twelvepoint1.doc     electricaldevices01.doc

Schemes of Work (11.1-11.8)

Here are the North Chadderton Schemes of Work for AQA A (for revision) 11.1  11.2  11.3  11.4   11.5  11.6    11.7   11.8   11.3 and 4 resources   US Airways Flight  (Photo: M Overy)

Sample KS4 Item

This is a sample message for KS4.  Just choose the KS4 category when sending your message…….. Sample upload given below (Efficiency lesson) efficiency-lesson1.doc

Introduction (AfL)

You can send messages and upload resources related to Assessment for Learning.  Just choose the AfL Category when writing your message….( There is a sample upload given below.) .. Cells and Reproduction Level ladder

Introduction (SMT Messages)

This is a category for SMT/Science links and notices…..Just select this category when sending your message. Can be used for general messages of interest for science department….deadlines, etc. Of course, SMT can upload images and documents here.. Ski photos can be upoloaded!

Sample News Item: Biosphere 2 …

Biosphere 2  (from a global community launch, overhyped science research, to a science joke) Here is an image I uploaded earlier……Biosphere 2 . Meant to be genuine scientific research. Unfortunately, it ended up a laughing stock within the scientific community. Now sold to a land developer… prepared to remove yet another few hundred acres of…

Sample Resource Item: Adaptations (KS3)

These presentations were developed by Year 8 students at North Chadderton School, with a little help from their teachers…. Click o­n these links to start the o­nline presentations…